Liberty Independent Ghost Hunters of Texas

          About  L.I.G.H.T.


  Liberty Independent Ghost Hunters of Texas was founded in 2007 by Roger Johnson and Stephanie Nugent.  Since then, we have been on numerous investigations, both private residential and commercial properties.  During that time it has became clear that our sole purpose is to help those in need.   

  We are also looking forward to helping our community when called upon.  We are presently organizing ourselves to be able to go into the community and be a productive asset. Not only do we want to help those with paranormal problems, we also are  looking to the less fortunate. Planning food drives and toys drives for the coming holiday season.  We are not just from the community, we are a part of it, and proud of the that fact.

   We are not thrill-seekers.  We have extensive experience in the fields of research and investigations.  Our primary goal is to help ease the fear and discomfort you may feel.  Once we have completed our investigation, we will sit down with you and explain what was found, disproved and what remains unexplained.  By doing, so we hope to help you understand your situation. 

   We will not share or release details that concern your case with anyone outside our organization. Cases that require a more deliquet or private manner will be dealt with by our core members.  We look for the truth, not adventure.  We all fear what we don't understand.  We all need help from time to time, just know that we are here for you when you need us.  You are not alone!!!  If you have questions, you can call us or leave an e-mail if you dont wish to speak with someone.  We understand the pressure and ridicule that comes with this subject. Thats why we deal with each case as if it's our home or buisness that needs help.  I give you my word, I will always be here to help ANYONE who is fearful or uncomfortable in their own home.  Our home is our castle, I will help you take it back.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ALONE ANYMORE.