Mercy hospital Mercy hospital Old reception area JUst thought it looked cool in negative form 34079759 4th floor window Thought I seen something in the window, look at the orbs where there shouldnt be any. Also look at the left hand side of the window. ?? 34079760 Rnadom pic Mercy hospital 3rd floor 34079761 Nurses reception area 2 nd floor 34079762 Louis on 3rd floor landing Where they use to take the TB patients for fresh area. 34079763 3rd floor this is in the older nunnery section. The circled area has what looks like a faint shadow in it. It appeared to have eyes and could make out a hair style, looks as if it was put up in a bun, a typical 30's/40's hair style . 34079764 3rd floor near operating rooms. Our friends at SouthWest Arizona Paranormal Society, seen this in the picture, we missed it, but they got it. It helps to look out after each other. Seems to be a child like figure in the interior door way. 34079765 Random pic at one of the stairwell We heard foot steps coming down the stair well and took the pic. There is some dicoloration on the wall near the top step faceing the pic, but not sure if its anything paranormal. 34079766 2nd floor heard the sound of children in that location. 34079767 ground floor looks as if it was the old kitchen 34080867