Liberty Independent Ghost Hunters of Texas

Catholic Cemetary - Liberty, Tx  2007

We went here and didnt expect much, but were we fooled. Several of the group seen child-like shadows running around in between the grave stones. We took several pics, but nothing more than orbs came out. No evps were caught and nothing on video. Although it was a good experience, we have never gone back to explore the "shadows" Maybe in the future we will dedicate an eveing to this area and hopefully get it on video or pictures.

Sisters of Mercy Hospital -  Liberty, Tx 2007 - present

We have made a few trips to this decaying old hospice center. It was a TB hospital, Hospice, and a nursing home. But in its present condition it is VERY hazardous. So much damage after hurricane Ike, it has the asbestos free flowing through the air along with the mld and mildew make it very bad for your lungs. We have caught a few good pictures in this place, some of them are on this web site and red circled to draw ayour attention to the area of interest. We have, what we believe, is a picture of a little child shielding their face against the wall as if they are tired or playing hide and go-seek. Then a picture of a faint image of a woman in older attire. More like the 40's, if you were a nurse with the ruffled collar and baggy sleeves. But that didnt turn out so well. Then there was the video footage. It seemed as a black, watery vapor came out of a room acroos the ceiling and then enveloped the whole room, hallways and came after the camera. It looks as if it is swirling around the camera and moving back and forth. It is a large object. We arent too sure if its an actually "mist" or just the camera fighting to focus itself in the dark. But we have hopes for it!  We reveiw this tape more than any other evidence we have, because of the mixed feeling of its contents.

Private Residence - Hardin, Tx  2008

We went to investigate claims that a womans friend, who had passed, was now haunting her house. We ran the whole 9 yards at this location. But found that most of the phenomena was explainable. She stated that she always felt watched or "weird" in her bedroom. EMF sweeps revealed that at the head of the bed was an "off-the-chart" EMF field. Her breaker box was directly behind her head in the closet. The footsteps she heard, well she lives in a trailer and it wasn't leveled, so any foot steps were both heard and felt as they were walking down the hall. As for the objects moving or falling off the walls, we concluded it had to be the ceiling fan in the room that made them fall. She was very releived that all the conditions were not paranormal.

Sam Houston Library  - Liberty, Tx  2008

Only two of our investigators went to this location. It was a daytime investigation. Plus we had to accomidate for the visitors taking tours and such, so our involvment had to be minimal. We were give an awsome tour of the place, not to mention the ghost stories as well. Not much was gathered at this time, but a return trip is planned and a larger group will go to gather more evidence during our stay.

Liberty Railroad tracks-undisclosed- 2008

The location isnt told due to the safty of others. We dont want people trying this for its FAR TOO DANGEROUS to attempt. We were told of the story, like many others, that children would push your vehicle off the tracks and even seen lights down the tracks. We waited so some type of activity on teh tracks. Nothing. We sprinked the baby powder to try and get the finger prints or hand prints on the vehicle, nothing. So we ventured down the tracks to see if we could investigfat the "lights" . Needless to say we had no evps, no pictures worth reporting and nothing on the video. But we did have fun.

Felps Cemetary - Liberty County ,Tx  2009

This place proved to be an interesting place to inveestigate. The group didn't stay long to say the least, but did get some really good photos. There are a few in the photo gallery. They heard footsteps EVERYWHERE. At one point during the investigation, it seemed they were being followed every where they went. At a pivotal point in the investigation, they heard the fencing behind them "crash" as if something ran into it extremely hard or had jumped over it. Needless to say that ended the investigation as they left the area, with a quickness!! We ahve plans to return and finish the investigation.

Bragg Road Saratoga, TX  2009

Well we didnt see any lights, or get any thing as evidence wise. We will ahve to go back and do this investigation again, and again.

Private Residence - Baytown, Tx 2009

Wow, we did 3 seperate investigations here. And let me tell you, As soon as we started to get the tour by the home owner, it began!!! We heard a little girl say " hello?" And the some whimpering as if as child was crying. That was less than 3 minutes in the front door!!! Also, during the tour, we heard doors being opened and slammed shut! We would walk toward a location and it would statr up behind us in a different room. On the first investigation we covered the house from top to bottom. We also had a few "sensitives" go with us, and they "seen" alot of things in the house. Describiing blood on the floors and seeing children cowering under beds. So I had to get a police report to back it up. I wasnt let down! There was a case of sexual MUTILATION in the home, were a female child was mutilated by the moms' boyfriend. Yes, in the same area where the sensitve said she had seen blood. The other 2 investigations, a few days apart, were just as productive. In the end we caught alot of evps, some good pictures, questionable photos,  and a few personal experiences. Doors opening in front of you, behind you, shadows moving around. It was an intese experience. Unfortunatley we can't go back, teh home owners moved and the current tenant will not discuss the claims for fear it will increase the activity, they also stated if they had known of the reports they never would have bought it.

Linney Cemetary - Liberty, Tx  2009

We had to cut this investigation short due to a thunderstorm. But we plan to return.

The Huntsville Unit (TDC prison) Huntsville, Tx  2009

Where to begin? I must say it was an extreme honor to be give this opportunity.  We were given a tour of the areas we would be allowed to investigate and along the way some of us heard noises and slight whispers. As we began to explore the areas, we noticed a "heavy" feeling od sorrow or depression. Something not out of place in a prison, but for a section that has not been occupied in over 10 years, was a bit frightening. We captired some very good EVPS and some really great photos. Everyone had a few personal experiences and it was an over all great trip. The Warden and all involved were very professional and understanding, some even told of a few experiences they had themselves.

Liberty Fire / Police Department - Liberty, Tx  2009

After months of being told stories of shadows and voices, we HAD to go see for ourselvess. We weren't disappointed, we had seen "something" back walking around in the cemetary behind the buildings. We got an evp of a young female saying " let me out" in the womans shower room. We put video cameras in the hallways where the reports of people walking around, and unfortunately nothing was on video. A few pics of some pretty bright orbs, where there shouldn't have been, but no apparitions.

Private Residence - Rayburn, Tx   2009

We had some really good personal experiences. Louis and I seen what appeared to be a face in the loft above the bedroom. A few pictures that we are still reviewing. In all the home as a whole, is pretty unique. We were told of a witches circle that was on the property, and an ex-resident that use to perform Voodoo rituals in the loft. The current residents are very hospitable and kind people. They were very understanding of the situation and worked very closely with us. The client had some photos that had some very interesting images.

St. Anne Catholic church and cemetary  Humble, Tx 2010

We were called about some unusual figures in the church windows and odd sounds form the building. They also claimed the cemetary had odd sounds and mysterious figures moving in the cemetary at night. We went to the church and see some odd events. The apperance of a figure in the church bell tower, and a candle that was flickering in the main hall. No one was at the church, not had anyone been there in a while. It still remains unknown why a candle was lit for any purpose.