Liberty Independent Ghost Hunters of Texas



  Roger Johnson

 Roger is the founder of Liberty Independent Ghost Hunters of Texas.  He graduated from Barbers Hill in 1990. Attended Lee College for a several years, after which he  served in the US Army as a Military policeman. He served as a forward intelligence liaison to the United Nations while in Haiti and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  He has earned several awards for humanitarian efforts in both foreign and domestic deployments.  Roger also has numerous years of experience from other paranormal investigation groups from North Carolina. Bringing his knowledge of advanced police investigations and multi-cultural experiences from abroad, he naturally begins to try and eliminate any possible outside influences that may appear as paranormal and offer reasonable explanations. Roger describes himself as the groups' biggest "believing-skeptic". Often reviewing evidence numerous times before accepting the evidence as "proof positive".

 Roger is the groups' Director of Operations and member management.