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        Paranormal Glossary

In this section we will attempt to explain each of the terms used in the paranormal community.


 Alpha Rhythm:
Electrical activity in the brain (about 10 cycles per second) associated with a state of mental relaxation.


a deviation from the normal, not common


a ghostly figure, a sudden unusual sight

Automatic Writing:
This is when you write something without being aware of the contents. Some people use this method to receive messages from Spirit.

An invisible breath, emanation, or radiation.
A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere.

It's believed that everything and everyone has an auric field around them. These can often be seen by those who are clairvoyant.


Black Shuck
A large spectral death omen demon dog in British folklore, especially in Norfolk and other parts of East Anglia. Black Shuck, also called Old Shuck, derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon term scucca or sceocca, old Anglo-Saxon terms for "demon" or "satan." The spectral dog descended from Norse mythology , for he is said to be the black hound of Odin (Woden) brought by early Viking invaders.

Black Shuck is all black and is huge, about the size of a calf. He has large eyes that glow yellow, red, or green as if on fire. Often, he is headless, yet his eyes -where eyes should be- glow in the dark.



Banshee: a female spirit in Gaelic lore believed to presage death in the family by wailing.


When a medium apparently allows a spirit to communicate through them.

The supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses.
Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.

A subset of ESP. The viewing of distant scenes not apparent to the eye, may appear externally - either replacing the normal visual scene (visions) or being incorporated into it (as could be the case with apparitions) - or internally, in the form of mental imagery and intuition.

The supposed power to feel or smell things outside the range normaly perceived by the senses.

Cold Spot
An area or place that for an unknown reason seems to be cooler than the surrounding areas. Paranormal investigators usually use thermometers to detect the fluctuations of temperature in a location. [See "Thermometer/Thermoscanner" for more info.]

Collective Apparition
This is when more then one person sees a phenomenon at the same time & location. Collective apparitions are good in proving that what was seen was really there, and wasn't just the person's mind playing tricks on them, since more then one person saw it.

 Continuance: Commonly refered to as life-after-death  

Crisis Apparition
An apparition that's usually seen by a person when he/she is at the point of death or is the victim of a serious illness or injury. Also apparitions that are seen in places of traumatic events (Like battlefields) are known to be called Crisis Apparitions.

Knowledge (acquired in normal ways) that may be revealed without the person remembering its source. Such memories may falsely appear to be paranormal revelations.


Déjà vu
The feeling of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.
An impression of having seen or experienced something before.

Demon: an evil being, fallen angel, non-human spirit from a non-human origin.

Disembodied Voice
A voice or sound heard or recorded that comes from no physical body or known source. [Also see "Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)" for more on capturing voices of Spirit on recordings.]

Doppelganger: a ghostly double of a living person; a spirit that haunts its human counterpart.

To use a divining rod to search for underground water or minerals.
An act which, generally, a 'dowsing rod' or 'divining rod' is employed to locate subterranean water, ore, oil, etc.. or other concealed items by following the direction in which the rod turns in the users hand.


Ectoplasm: a luminous substance that is believed to emanate from the spiritualistic medium

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Meter/Detector
Also called a gauss or magnetometer, these let you know the Electro Magnetic Field readings in an area. The presence of spirit has been known to often produce/disturb electro magnetic energy in the area. Lots of things throw off EMF's though (Lamps, TV's, etc..) so scout around the area of the investigation first and get to know where these things are. If you start getting fluctuations in EMF readings in an area with no other explanation for them.. Tell someone to start taking photos/video/EVP/etc.. You may get interesting results.

EMF: (Electro-magnetic field). Every electrical device emits these small fields. The EMF energies are believed to be the product of a ghost attempting to manifest or draw energies out of the air or from close by objects. These fields Are usually measured by EMF meters or the like. When a peak or spike occurrs it it believed to be the area in which the ghost is located. 

Entity:  commonly referred to as ghost, spirit or if a non-human spirit/demon.

EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena an occurrance where disembodies sounds and voices are caught on a recording device where no voices or sounds should be. 

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses.
The ability to gain knowledge through means other than the five physical senses or logical inference.

Exorcism: A religious or quasi-religious rite to drive out evil spirits. [Also see "Possession" for more info.]



Ghost: The spirit of a presumed dead person, thought to haunt former location in which it onced lived.


Haunting: An occurrance where ghosts or other paranormal activities are reported in volume. The presence of spirits or sounds from unknown origin.

Hot Spot
An area or place where frequent paranormal activity occurs, such as hauntings.

An abnormal or pathological increase in sensitivity to sensory stimuli, as of the skin to touch or the ear to sound.
Exceptionally acute sensory awareness. [Also see "Extra Sensory Perception" for more info.]


Infestation: A persistant or continuing presence of ghosts or spirits, in unknown quantity. 




Lens Flare: A common but unrecognized mechanical mistake. it is when a camera flash has either reflected to near or to far from the lens, causeing a reddish orange glow or a bright white object in a picture.

Luminous Phenomena
The experience of strange lights or glows, often around objects or people. [Also see "Aura" for more info.]


Matrixing: The natural tendancy for the human mind to make sense of what is heard or seen as something familiar or more easily understood . The mind takes  images seen and trys to blend them with commonly recognizable images that it recognizes. Thus, the reasoning behind some shadows that appear to be human in form when they are simply the way a shadow falls on an object. 




Orb: a small yet significant object of debate. Some refer to them as spirit energies, and other they are merely dust or water particules in the air. They appear in photos as small balls of transparent light. They range in size from small almost invisable balls of light to large bright glowing spheres.



Paranormal: Any activity or phenomena that is currently unexplainable by modern thought or academics.

Parapsychology: The   studies and research specifically aimed  at psychic abilities (e.s.p., telepathy) and spiritual phenomena.

Powdering: The use of footpowder to detect the physical evidence of disembodied footsteps. Some use flour, but who wants flour all over their floors, besides some people may be allergic to wheat products. You dont want to take that chance.

Poltergiest: German for "noisy ghost."  , A very rare spirit that has the ability to move objects, make object disappear and then re-appear,and produces disembodied voices and sounds. Most common activities are knocking, banging sounds, object being moved and laughter.

 Also see the 5 Stages of Poltergiest activity.

Stage 1 sensory:

This is called the sensory stage because of the attack on the bodies sensory systems.  In the early stages the main activity revolves around the basic sense.

♦ cold spots,strange noises, odd smells and odors, the sound of footsteps, teh feeling of being watched, unusual animal/pet activity: running out of rooms, barking at an empty room or chair.

Stage 2 Developmental:

This level is where the noises are more focused and the scents are more direct, everything is about the same level, just a little more focused.

whispering, laughter, giggles, moans, shrieks,moving shadows, feeling breezes in a closed room, visable mists, (basic ghost formation) strong static electronic charge in the atmosphere, marks on walls and floors,(not writing)

Stage 3 Initial contact:

Called initial contact because this is where the poltergiest now focuses upon one individual. Where the first two levels could be explained s the mind playing tricks on its self, but now its something physical happening and undisputed.

lights and other appliances are turning off/on by themselves, being touched or grabbed by unseen forces, doors that open/close or lock/unlock by themselves, hearing voices or clear conversations, full bodied apparitions, dark shadowy figures, displays a level of conscious communicative ability with the living.

Stage 4 Invasive:

Called invasive because it noe intrudes upon normal daily life. This is where an advanced poltergiest begins to build its strength and momentum. Moving closer toward a dangerous level of clear consciousness.

objects being throw, objects disappear then re-appera in another location, furniture being shaken or moved, pushing or shaking of people, a clear physical interactive ability with the living, windows,mirrors, and other items breaking with no reason, levitiation.

Stage 5 Assaultive:

This is the point where the poltergiest is at its strongest and most dnagerous. The high energy levels make this poltergiest very dangerous, not just becasue it wants to hurt someone, but just due to the great deal of energy it possess and exerts with each interaction. Either by accidental or intentional actions people can be harmed during this stage. Poltergiests ar extremely jealous and need attention, if ignored they become agitated and destructive. It varies on the poltergiest, and the time frame for it to exhaust its energies vary, It could be days weeks or years. Then poltergiest becomes dormant, and the cycle begins all over again.

Seriously dangerous activity, biting, slapping, puching,scratching, animating inanimate objects, heavy objects being throw about (furniture,appliances,) use of electrical systems (lights, tvs, radios) anything to communicate its anger, often it will throw object at the individual, for some reason cutlery is a favorite item to be throw.





Residual (Haunting): an imprint of an activity that is re-played over and over. The ghost or spirit has no perception of its surroundings or witnesses.  Being unaware of its own death or time period. 

 Revenant: An entity that portrays its self as human, but from non-human origins, very dangerous.


Shadow People
Spirits or ghosts which are usually black in appearance and have no discernible features. People usually see them out of the corner of their eye, and have also been known to be captured on film.

 Shade:  also known as shadow people. An entity resembling a once-living person




Vortex:   An anomaly that shows up in pictures   taken at the site of a suspected haunting, they appear as clear  white tube or funnel  Some researchers believe this may be a porthole to the spirit realm.


Wraith : The ghost of a person before or after his or her death; term can also be applied to a ghost.