Liberty Independent Ghost Hunters of Texas

 Investigative Services

 We do a complete investigation of the home or buisness. We use a wide range of video, audio and electronic equipment.

 We will sit down and discuss the reports with the you.  Then ask for a tour of the location, to help point out areas of interest.  Once our walk through is complete, we will brief our teams on the events and set up for the investigation.  Once the investigation has begun, we tend to keep it as undisturbed as possible.  Meaning keeping the traffic in the location down to the essential personel.

After the investigation is complete. We will then review all of the footage and audio evidence for significant proof that might establish the claims of paranormal activity.  Upon completeing the review, we will schedule a time to sit down with the client and explain our findings.  When doing so, we will explain any events that were recreated to a point that could rule out paranormal events.

Our cost?

We are a free service, and do not promise an investigation in lieu of payment. Although donations are greatly appreciated, they are not expected in order for you to schedule an investigation.