Liberty Independent Ghost Hunters of Texas

Types of Ghosts

In this section, we are going to try and explain the different types of ghosts and hauntings.  Although they may seem to be the same, they are completely different.


These are the ghosts which so closely resemble the living, they are often over looked until they do something uncanny, like walk through a wall or vanish.

Phantom hitch hiker/traveler:

These are the ghost who typically interact with the living in such a way a they seem to be a real person. They may hold conversations, open doors, or ask for a ride. Then before they reach their destination, they mysteriously disappear. Some reports say they most often appear around the time of their death.  Other reports, still have them appearing along highways and certain roads. Usuaully appearing to motorists as a forewarning of pending danger or serious road hazards.

Apparitions:  This the classically seen ghost. They appear as "whispery" or "transparent" figures and are the highest reported sighting.  The "apparition" is the ghost in which most seek to capture on film or video.

Grey Lady:  The Grey lady is the classic apparition. She is most commonly reported as a younger womanin search of a lost love. Most of her stories center around betrayal and adultulry. She is often seen in her classic form of a whispery and faded figure in a hue of grey, white, blue and sometimes black.  Some accounts have her as a murder or suicide victim.  She has been reported to "tease" younger men and to "entice" them to a certain location and then vanish before she reaches her destination.

Classic Haunt: This ghost is also known as an entity haunt. It is defined as an interactive ghost that does not fall into any specific category.

Graveyard spectre: Also known as shades or shadows, these  ghosts are a type of Etheric Remnant, a person after death. These encounters are normally not dangerous, and commonly occur several days after burial and up to several weeks. Typically seen as a dark shadowy form, and usuaully do not communicate or talk. They have been known or reported to follow you as you walk around a cemetary. Legends say that people were once buried alive in a new graveyard to create a "spiritual guardian" sometimes referred to as an "Ankou".

Etheric Revenant:  Very rare and very dangerous, these non-human spirits are reported as an undead spirit that feeds on the livings energy.  Most often appear as a dark balck shadow. These are the reports of the "black masses" or the "shadows in the shadow". Some believe these non-human spirits gave birth to the modern theory of "psyonic vampires".

Non human entity:They are non-human originated ghosts. They have the ability to physically harm you. They often disguise themselves as a friendly or curious spirit, especially when dealing in Black magic or Ouija boards. They are manipulative and extremely possesive. These are the spirits that come with ill-intentions.

Family member: 

This ghost appears in the forms of a loved one.They usually have a strong connection with a family member and appear to signal a type of danger or personal disaster. Also, they have been known to arrive to family members after a time of death or a near fatal experience. Some reports have deceaced family members making phone calls to re-assure them everything was alright.

Poltergiest:       The term comes from German root words meaning "noisy ghost" This is an extremely rare occurrance where an unseen spirit or ghost manifests it's self by moving objects and produces soundsd and voices from unseen forces. This phenomena is almost always centered around a specific individual. Frequently a small child or pre-teenage years (9-12). Poltergiests have been reported alla round the world, and is the highest reported paranormal phenomenon to date. Each culture has their own name for it, but they all share the same features: knocking, objects moving or disappearing and the reappearing. Laughter, disembodied sounds such as groans, moans, and shrieking. The earliest recorded poltergiest activity was in 858 A.D.

5 stages of poltergiest activity

Stage 1 sensory:

Called the sensory stage due to the attack are focused on the bodies sensory system. 

cold spots, strange noises, odd odors and smells(perfumes, cologne, smoke,etc) hearing footsteps,Unusual animal activity, dogs barking at empty rooms or cats hissing into an open room, the pet not permiting you access to a room, the pet running out of a room for no reason, feelings of being watched.

Stage 2 Secondary sensory:

This stage if where the noise levels and smells become into something more direct.  They are becoming more focused on one individual, but still sporatic.

whispers,moans, shreiks, laughter, giggling, moving shadows, breezes in a closed area, visable mists (basic ghost)strong electro-static electricity in the air, the beginning of simple marks on the floor and walls.(not writing)

Stage 3 Intial contact:

This is the stage in when the poltergiest begins to make his presence felt.  In the first 2 stages it could classified as the mind just playing tricks on its self, but now since the activity is more direct its hard to dispute the actions are real. This is the level where it falls into a classic haunt category.

Lights and other appliances turn on & off, feeling of being touched or grabbed by unseen hands,tugging on clothing, hair being pulled,doors opening and closing, locking/unlocking, hearing clear voices, full figured apparitions, dark figures, writings on the wall, floor, or mirrors, showing levels of communication with living people.

Stage 4 Invasive

Called invasive because the poltergiest is now intuding upon normal living abilities. It is where the poltergiest begins to gain its momentum and is moving closer to a more dangerous level; picking up a more clear consciousness.

Objects being thrown, object disappearing and re-appearing elsewhere, Furniture being shaken, pushing or shoving people, windows and mirrors or other household objects breaking for no apparent reason, levitation.

Stage 5 Assaultive:

At this level, the poltergiest, is at its highest energy level and should be considered dangerous and an extreme threat to all in the household. Not because it wants to hurt someone, but due to the high level of energy and could seriously hurt someone due to its strength.(either purposely or not) The difference in time between each stage varies, It could take days, months or years for each stage to progress. It also could take days, months or years, for the poltergiest to exhaust its energies and become dormant again to simply re-start its cycle.

Extremely jealous behavior if not given attention to,Biting, scrathes,slapping and punching all occur in this stage,animating inanimate objects, large objects being thrown about (chairs, beds, couches) use of electrical systems(radios, tvs. lamps, stoves) hair being pulled


HAUNTS: Haunts are a form of paranormal activity where the location or object is the center of activity. Normally they are not intelligent but merely replays of events.

Residual: A residual haunt is typically seen in only one location, repeating the same events over and over again. It is as if the movie just plays without an audience. Basically thats what it is, or atleast a easier way to look at this. Its an event that imprinted its energy in the surrounding area, That during certain atmospheric conditions, it replays again. They are non interactive and appear to have no specific cause to their haunt.





Historic: These can be both residual and intelligent. They tend to carry out a daily routine as they once did before their death. Most of the time they are non-interactive and almost always appear in period dress. Some have been reported as phantasmic spirits and solid and intelligent ghosts; while others were said to be "misty" and unaware of who was around.

Re-occurring: These are they same as a residual, but usually happen around a time frame.

Haunted objects: A particular object that is the spiritual anchor for the haunting. An object the ghost has bonded with i.e. desk,chair, picture, etc

Battlefield Haunts: These are of actual warfield battles. Reports of seeing civil war battles and hearing the gun fire and screams for help are common among the claims. Most of the figures are seen as "whispery figures" with a bluish-white glow.

Transportation: Better known as phantom crafts.These are most often associated with the final moments of some tragic event. The wreckage it's self can attach energy in such away that it can become a haunted object. Some are confined to specific areas while aother have been known to relocated. in the case of the Flying Dutchman, saliors would see it and consider it a bad omen at sea.

Prison Ghosts: Called such due to the location of the haunt. These ghosts often very reclusive and angry.  They do not like human interaction, more often than not, the type of EVP caught are threatening and angry.